About CORE Teams

Introducing the CORE Teams:


This fall we will be introducing some new ministry teams designed to reflect the values that were specifically identified by the church body earlier this year. These values include outreach to our community, relationships within our church, and Christian Education. We hope that by forming ministry teams based on these values, the ministries that we choose to do  this fall will closely reflect the heart of our church. 

The acronym CORE represents the four teams that will be formed: Capital, Outreach, Relationship, and Education. 

Capital: How can our building and property be best used to facilitate ministry? 

This team will be focused on the practical changes and upgrades to the building and property needed for new and ongoing ministries. They will be working closely with the other teams to understand and support the ministries as they are started and as they evolve. This is the team for you if you like to do projects!

Capital Contact - Sue Stankevich

Outreach: How do we engage with our community and invite them to become part of our church in whatever ways they want to or are comfortable with at this time? 

There have been some creative and exciting suggestions put forward such as hosting coffee times for seniors and young moms at the church, offering grief support or parenting groups or addressing food insecurity in our community. If these ideas are interesting or exciting to you, or if you have other suggestions, consider joining this team. 

Outreach Contact - April Klippenstein & Greg Gramlich

Relationship: How do we encourage a sense of care and belonging within our church and draw new people into this sense of belonging when they start to come to our church? 

The value of relationship came through very strong from the congregation’s feedback. If you are excited about mentoring, connecting and encouraging quality relationships this may be the team which fits you!

Relationship Contact - Tamera Goller & Talitha Peacock

Education: How do we continue to grow in our spiritual and emotional maturity as a church?

There have been a number of different topics suggested for small groups and youth studies. These include studies focused on developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, reaching out to our friends and neighbours, evangelism, men’s groups, marriage groups, and emotionally healthy spirituality. If you are interested in leading a small group this fall, this is the team for you! 

Education Contact - Kevin & Rosalie Steeves


There will be a large CORE team made up of all the members of each team. It will meet once or twice a year to set the direction of all the ministries based on our church vision "to commit our hearts to God, our community and each other”. This is to encourage a sense of common purpose, support and encouragement amongst all the teams. 

A small CORE team will be made up of a member of each of the teams will meet with the pastor and keep him up to date on the ministries. The pastor will then update the board.

The individual teams, Capital, Outreach, Relationship and Education, will also meet independently on a monthly basis, or whatever is determined to be appropriate by the team, to plan and carry out the ministries they are feeling lead to do. 

We invite everyone, whether you have been involved ministry at Hoadley in the past or are considering it for the first time, to look over these groups and prayerfully consider if God might be leading you to become part of one of these teams.