About Who We Are

Hoadley Evangelical Missionary Church (HEMC) is a rural church located just East of Hoadley, Alberta. With a strong focus on local community as well as supporting many over-sea’s missionaries we try to live God’s will daily. 

Our Vision

To commit our hearts to God, our community and each other.



  • Relationship: All are valuable image bearers of God. There is room for everyone to be known and cared for. (Image bearers of God – Gen. 1:27; Romans 1:23)
  • Biblical Teaching: The Bible is our foundation used to thoroughly equip us for the work that we are each called to do. (God breathed - 2nd Tim. 3:16-17)
  • Spiritual Growth: Spiritual growth continues when we purposefully live in a united and loving community that abides in God’s presence. (Christ is the vine, we are the branches – John. 15:5)



  • Living out the love of God both inside and outside of the church and creating space for all to thrive.
  • Caring for the needs of the community and each other including the overlooked and disadvantaged.
  • By walking together using our spiritual gifts with creativity, connections and resources; both as teams and individually.


We are members of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada - Click for their website